Datlabs Private Limited is a leading Zimbabwean pharmaceutical and personal care  products manufacturer.

The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of pharmaceutical and personal care products. The company is a leading supplier to both the private and public sectors of the Zimbabwean market.

Datlabs Private Limited has ISO 9001-2008 certification and SAZ compliant.

APD is the Distribution Division of Datlabs Pvt Ltd with the sole mandate of harnessing the company’s distribution capability and increasing distribution capacity. APD distributes not only Datlabs products but other products sourced outside the group.

Datlabs Private Limited is ranked as one of the largest manufacturer in the private pharmaceutical market and public sector with a rich history of quality service. Of note is the major share of the critical care market held by the company, being the largest supplier of critical care products to the public sector and hospitals. Datlabs  is also leading Supplier of OTC (Over the Counter) products in the pharmaceutical industry and a leader in Camphor Cream and Lanolene Milk Lotions in the FMCG markets.
FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) constitute the largest segment of the Company's business in Zimbabwe. Datlabs manufactures market leading brands such as Camphacare and Lanolene Milk Lotions which are available in all wholesalers, retailers and tuckshops within Zimbabwe.

The Pharmaceutical product range comprises medicines and technologies promoted to the healthcare professionals only. This portfolio includes a comprehensive range of medicines including regulated health care products. The portfolio includes brands such as Solphyllex, Pynstop, Colcaps, Besemax, Stopayne and Panafcort.

The Critical Care portfolio offers a range of quality and affordable generic medicines. The Critical Care range comprises mainly of Intravenous Solution and haemodialysis solutions, an essential component of every emegency room, and positions Datlabs  as an indespensable partner to medical practitioners.
Datlabs has two factories based in Bulawayo with the Sales and Marketing Division based in Harare. The company’s manufacturing operations are split into three main divisions:
1. FMCG -Personal Care, Baby Care products and household remedies
2. Pharmaceutical Division - Analgesics (Pain Relief), Cough and Cold remedies, anti-malaria treatment and Antibiotics
3. Critical Care Division - The Critical Care Division manufactures intravenous products (Drips) and haemodialysis solutions mostly for use in Government hospitals.
Datlabs' Distribution channels include APD and third party pharmaceutical wholesalers, retail pharmacies, private and public Hospitals and clinics for pharmaceutical department and FMCG Wholesalers, retailers, chain stores, stockists and vendors.

APD distributes not only Datlabs products but other products sourced outside the group such such as; Mercator Pharma, Adcock Ingram and Datlabs. The facilities offer over
1 000m2  of storage space which offer adequate protection from weather elements.

The division has harnessed the Datlabs reputation for quality and efficiency to provide the right platform for growth, not only for the Datlabs portfolio, but also for the products of local and foreign principals associated with it

Our Vision

To become the partner of choice for multinationals, NGOs, multilateral and bi-lateral agencies.
For the supply of quality products in selected markets.

Our Mission

Datlabs is committed to providing affordable quality health and personal care solutions while maximising stakeholder value through a motivated team.

Our Values