APD, was formed in 2015 to harness the company’s distribution capability and increase distribution capacity. APD distributes not only Datlabs products but other products sourced outside the group.

The wholesale operations comply with current Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and current Good Storage Practices (GSP) cognizant of the Human and Material flow requirements. The facilities offer over 1 000m2 of storage space which offer adequate protection from weather elements. The distribution function is supported by competent sales and telesales representatives all of whom ensure adequate market coverage.

The division has harnessed the Datlabs reputation for quality and efficiency to provide the right platform for growth, not only for the Datlabs portfolio, but also for the products of local and foreign principals associated with it.

Current Principals for whom APD is distributing are:

Mercator Pharma
Biotech Vision Care
Silderma Pharma
Varichem Pharmaceuticals
Gulf Drug Company
Plus Five Pharmaceuticals
Adcock Ingram