Brand Name: Betacide® Mouthwash  
Indication: Recommended for relief of painful infections and inflammatory conditions of the mouth and pharynx and as a routine mouthwash.
As a routine mouthwash, Betacide mouthwash deodorizes and refreshes the mouth. It will reduce oudours even of garlic, onions, tobacco and whisky.
Pack sizes and dosage forms: Betacide® Mouthwash, Amber glass bottles of 200ml.

Dosage: As a mouthwash: Dilute 1 part of Betacide mouthwash with 2 parts water or as directed by a physician. For infections of the mouth and pharynx: Use full strength as a rinse or gargle for 30 seconds every hour, or as directed by the physician or dentist.
This medicine should not be swallowed neither should it be used on children under 6 years.
  Betacide® Mouthwash