Brand Name: Expellinct®  
Indication: Indicated for the alleviation of cough
Pack sizes and dosage forms: *Expelinct® Expectorant Syrup 100ML

Adults, adolescents, and geriatrics
10ml - 20ml (2 to 4 medicine measures) every 4 hours.
6 - 12 years: 5ml - 10ml (1 to 2 medicine measures) every 4 hours
2 - 6 years: 2.5ml - 5ml (0.5 to 1 medicine measure) every 4 hours
  Expelinct® Expectorant Syrup. Each 10ml contains guaifenesin* 200mg.
*Guaifenesin should not be given to children under 2 years unless recommended by a doctor.
Pharmacological classiffication 22.2
Reg No: 2004/22.2.2/4296
For full prescribing information refer to the package insert approved by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).